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Bobby Neel Adams began writing nonfiction in his fifties, after being picked up by the police while photographing airplanes at LaGuardia Airport, spending 36 hours in jail. This led to his story “How I Spent my Fifty-third Birthday” published in DAMn Magazine, Brussels. His second piece,  “Los Algodones, The Disneyland of Tooth Decay,” was published in the Diner Journal in 2010 and subsequently reprinted in the Utne’ Reader with a new mysterious title: “Border Crossing for a Root Canal.” In 2012, Adams published two stories: “The King of Sixth Street” in MAY DAY Magazine and “I Vandal” in The Doctor T.J. Eckleberg Review (Johns Hopkins University). In the Fall of 2014 “Hulk Vs. 544” was published in Mission at Tenth and “Harriet Houdini” will soon be published in The New Plains Review.

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